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Amanda Bennett Misguided Heart Blog Tour

Today is my blog tour stop for the Misguided Heart Blog Tour and I have my review for you. Now I'm a strong believer that you should decide which books you want to read based on what works for you. This book was a quick read for me and I did like it but I must tell you that I do tend to enjoy a whole hell of a lot of "drama" in my books. I really do like to be left "reeling" by the end. Now Misguided Heart may do that for you or it may not but I'm leaving that up to you to decide............................

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What if with one choice you could change your whole life in a matter of seconds?
Aston Boyd has always put everything into her work. She has never needed anyone in her life and has survived on her own since she was 18, never looking back. When she gets her dream promotion and becomes the new editor at one of the biggest publishing houses in Arizona, she thinks she has finally figured it all out.

But, when Aston receives an invitation to her first love's wedding, she starts to re-evaluate just how much she has given up for her career.

With a mission in mind to try and win back the one she let go, she never took in to consideration that what she might need, or even want, could be right in front of her.

Will she be willing to put her heart out there to get back the life she could have had, or will she try for something new?

Sloan Holden is the quintessential bad boy trying to cover all that up with his good boy act. He has spent the last 9 years trying to prove to his over bearing father that he can change his ways, and one day run his publishing house. The only thing standing in his way is the slew of fast women and his wild lifestyle, which he just can't seem to give up. He doesn't do relationships and always vowed to stay single forever.

A lot can change when the one person you thought you would never fall for worms their way into your heart, but will the feelings be returned?
and now for my review of Amanda Bennett's Misguided Heart..........................

There comes a time where I knew I was going to get into a book and have to think long and hard how I truly felt about it. I seriously found myself doing this....................... Misguided Heart is the story of Aston & Sloan or wait was it Aston & Nole or perhaps Aston & oh, who knows what else her past held. We are introduced to the beautiful Aston after her promotion at P.J. Holden & Son Publishing. She's been promoted to Senior Editor. Oh yes, she had it ALL the dream job, the dream house, and.... Well you will see exactly what Aston realizes she doesn't have when she receives wedding invitation to her ex's upcoming nuptials. We are also introduced to the oh so bad boy Sloan Holden, yes the "big bosses" son, the handsome tattooed devil that is a play boy through and through. That boy didn't have a lick of sense when it came to pleasures of the flesh. But when you get a little further into the story and the background of his life things make sense. It was after all the common formula I see in most books these days. To say this book had me jumping up and down and out of my skin wouldn't be accurate. This book was good, don't get me wrong, but it was as if I figured it out or perhaps the "drama" wasn't enough for me. Sure the book had plenty, and I mean tons of this.......................................... It was a very steamy sex ready that part worked for me really well but I don't know if the callousness I felt coming from Sloan in the beginning was enough to redeem him for me in the end. More times than not he had me...................................................... Aston's story was painfully sad but at the same time I didn't feel her "vulnerability" which is something that draws me to a character. I wanted to be able to say I was doing this............. but I was more doing this by the end of the book....................................... Misguided Hearts was a 3.5-4 star read for me some parts definitely 4 stars for sure.. It's a story of finding the one and that doesn't mean it's the one you thought it should be. It was a quick read for me that did leave me with the smile at the end for everything going the way I felt it would. If you are looking for a story that gives you the HEA this would be one for you.
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Now for a little "taste" of Misguided Heart:

Once we reached the door to our room, he quickly slid the card into the slot to 
open the door. The moonlight was streaming through the long blinds, highlighting his naturally tan skin. I pulled back to catch my breath just as he ripped his shirt up and over his head. I slowly and deliberately licked my bottom lip at what I saw.  
Abercrombie models had nothing on this man. 

I pulled my bottom lip in between my teeth, biting down hard. The things I wanted  
to do to this man were standing at attention in the forefront of my mind. Sloan’s 
glistening pecks caught my attention as he stalked his way towards me. I hadn’t 
realized that I had stopped in the doorway and was still standing there, staring.

Now I liked this part a little "FUN FACTS" about the book itself:

1- My husband was the inspiration for Sloan

2- Aston & Shelby's relationship is exactly how mine and one of my best friend's 

3- Most of the characters a certain characteristic traits of people I know

4- The Ducati 848 Evo in the book, is my dream bike

5- The main character is named after my dream car, an Aston Martin

6- If I were to ever open a restaurant I would name it Sak Lunch, that's why I
used that name in the book

7- This book was originally supposed to be a series but I decided on 1 book
because I didn't want it to drag

8- The sex scenes in the book are mainly made up of my fantasies

9- I have always wanted to go to New York so that's why I put it in the book

10- I grew up in Arizona (lived there for 20 years)

11- Aston's wardrobe in the book is my dream wardrobe
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