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Rock Star Romance Day 3 featuring 

Brei Betzold 

Back in November I came across a book soon to be released, My Misery Muse, and I was honored to be given the opportunity to advance read this ROCK STAR ROMANCE about second chances! Oh yeah, I was so...........................

I started reading My Misery Muse and I couldn't put it down! I finished it in one day and immediately WANTED more from Brei! Luckily, more is what we will ALL get when Faith the second book in the series scheduled to come out this Spring! If you haven't read this one I HIGHLY encourage that you do!!!!

I love the ROCKING cover of My Misery Muse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

First young love gets sidetracked by dreams that take them on two different journeys, but an unknown bond brings them back together again. Devi Porter an up-and-coming tattoo artist in Dallas is trying to live her life as best as possible, but never able to forget the love she had with Seth. Seth a bassist for the popular band My Misery Muse is struggling with his fellow band members with the lifestyle that he now lives. The band decides to go home to Dallas to work on their latest album as well as to work out their problems out from under the glare of the media. Seth and Devi meet up again and both realize they have a lot to work out between themselves as well. As they get reacquainted life and obstacles are thrown at them at every turn, are they able to overcome them to become the family neither really had?

Now for my review of My Misery Muse..................................................................

Freaking fantabulous awesome ........The author provided me an arc in exchange for an honest review. Well, I have this serious thing for rock star romances- seriously addicted to them. When I got the arc I was so.... To find a rock star book from a new author makes me happy but to find one like this gem was AMAZING! This is a book you HAVE to read, it's truly that good no wait it's fan-freaking-awesome-fantastic ... I don't think there are enough adjectives for me to express how AWESOME this book truly is so let me tell you about it! Meet Devi- beautiful pixie extremely tattoo artist who is a strong, determined female character that you can help but love....... Well this disinherited heiress makes a life for herself with the support of her loving brother Drake, Frends like Crispin, Cin, Mags, Jules, and Eli. Devi and Seth, the bassist for My Misery Muse, have a history together.....a very long history. Devi's known Seth since she was 12 years old and loved him since she was 16 years. Devi always encouraged Seth to pursue his dreams of music. She knew he had the talent to "make it" and she wasn't about to hold me back and have the possiblity of him resent her if he didn't pursue his dreams and stayed with her in Dallas. So Devi did what she felt was the right thing- she let Seth go. She ended their relationship and encouraged him to go to LA with his band to pursue their recording dreams. Sounds easy, um no not to me, but sounds like the right thing to do. Well sure, but isn't hindsight 20/20 and Devi would have NO idea that there was a reason, a big one, that she should've let Seth stay at least for a little while more...... Seth, what can I say, sexy bassist, tattooed and pierced - oh boy is he pierced. My husband wasn't keen on my request for certain piercings so I have to live vicarously through my book friends like Devi and fantasize about Seth. Complete misunderstandings created by others......... Reunions, oh boy what a reunion... This book brought out so many emotions for me. There were parts where I laughed and oh & ahhed. Seth & Devi love each other so much and wonder how they could make their relationship with the demands of Seth's career, the papparazzi as well as Devi's career and well there is also a BIG consideration the two of them have to consider. I loved how the author expressed the feelings of each character. I was able to connect and I found that I was actually a part of their lives at times. I can't wait for the next book.. I loved how the author ended the book with a little foreshadowing and I've already come up with some theories of who might be involved with whom. I NEVER give spoilers as I personally do not like them I want other's to experience the book just as I have. So put this one on your TBR,mark your calendars .... BUY IT THE MINTUE IT COMES OUT.. it's really that good! Definitely no doubt about it 5+++++++ read - you want to laugh? cry? swoon? have a hot flash or two? and love ROCKSTARS????? Then this book is for you!!!!! Looking forward to the release of this awesome book and future My Misery Muse sagas.
Brei is freaking AMAZING she also wrote a little short story entitled Dreams especially for YOU guys!!!!!! This hasn't been published or posted anywhere else and along with her story comes a little cast line up my good friend, Holly Malgeri, made for us with you in mind so here's a look of the "boys" from MMM and then "Dreams" by Brei Betzold............................................................

O.M.G. I could so look at that picture ALL day long......okay sidetracked.. now for dreams...............................................................................................................



I watched Seth stride across the stage the lights bouncing off the black bass he was currently 
playing like the rock star he is.  I stood over in the VIP section in front of the stage trying not 
to pant, he looked hot tonight in his torn up jeans that had this one tear in the  left thigh and 
when he turned just right you could tell he was going commando tonight, or at least I could.  I 
reached up quickly and wiped my lips making sure there was no drool, I knew I was a lucky girl 
on a normal day, but tonight while I watched women scream at my future husband and I finally 
understood how lucky I really was.  I watched him smirk over at X and then he spun around 

and walked towards their drummer and my cousin Eli, I nearly passed out when I saw the rips 
near his ass his t-shirt pulled tight across his back showing off his strong shoulders.  I sighed, 
my man was fucking hot, X came back to the mic and I started singing along with him, one of 
the songs Seth had written recently, and was released the past month on their latest album that 
went platinum in a week.  I was so proud of all of them, and they were all on cloud 9 with the 
way they had been playing lately.  

Seth strutted back across the stage and started playing back to back with their guitarist Sam, 
and I screamed along with everyone else.  I may be in the crowd with the rest of them, but 
unlike the rest of them I would be leaving with the band later tonight on their tour bus, and I was 
looking forward to seeing Seth again.  I had arrived shortly before the show started so instead 
of going backstage and tracking him down I decided to enjoy the show, I had never seen My 
Misery Muse before in such a large arena so I wanted to enjoy every minute.  I watched as he 
stomped his foot three times and spun away from Sam back to the right side of the stage where 

he continued to play and looking like he was having the time of his life.  I looked up and watched 
him continue to tease the crowd, sweat running down his face and I couldn’t stop myself from 
smiling.  I loved seeing him like this, he was where he was always meant to be in front of a 
crowd, playing his music.

The song ended and the lights all went dark, a few seconds later the sounds of a haunting piano 
melody started playing and I inhaled quickly.  He was playing our song, the song he wrote for 
us after he proposed, as far as I knew they hadn’t played this one live yet.  I listened to X come 
in with the soft lyrics speaking of love, hope, pain and finally a lifelong dream coming true.  Our 
lifelong dream coming true, our love and hope and our pain all put into words and melody for the 
world to hear.  He really did have a gift, the lights came up and there he sat at the grand piano 
his voice joining X’s in the chorus and Sam joining in on the guitar then it all erupted into a fast 
paced rock song that they were so well known for.  I smiled, wiped away the tears and began 
screaming and jumping around with the rest of the crowd watching my life, my man, and my 
fiancée on stage the rest of the night.


I hadn’t let her go since I saw her standing backstage smirking at me, like the Cheshire cat, I 
had left everyone I had been talking too to wrap my arms around her and kiss her hard.  It had 
been too long since I had last seen her, and I didn’t care who watched us.  Now we sat in the 
bus waiting around for the time to head out to the next show slamming back shots while for 
some reason playing the game I never.  I didn’t really care what we did since Devi was currently 
nestled against my chest and sitting her tight little ass squarely on my rock hard cock, and she 
knew it was rock hard, since every now and then she would give a little wiggle that would cause 

me to groan and bite her neck.  Every time I bit her neck she would moan causing all the guys in 
the band to laugh at us, but they couldn’t say much since they all had girls perched in their laps 
as well, only difference was mine was staying on the bus with us.  

X looked over at us and smirked “I’ve never had a threesome.”  I could have kicked his ass for 
that, but it was too late now, the only person to down their shot was Devi who glanced back at 
me and raised an eyebrow, I in turn glared at Xavier.

“Huh” she murmured still looking at me.

“It was before you baby” I replied.

“Well I would hope so, since if it was after we got back together you had better run really fucking 
fast” she growled, causing the guys to start laughing their asses off.

I sighed and started playing with my labret “it was a while ago, didn’t mean anything.”

She shrugged “didn’t ask did I?”

“No but I know that look on your face” I muttered.

“I was just wondering why you’re the only one in this relationship with that experience.”

“Uhm” I was a little speechless and not sure how to reply to that.

“Devi are you saying you want a threesome?” asked X

She shrugged still watching me “who wouldn’t want two guys fawning over them giving them 

“Ok I do not want to hear this conversation” said Eli “you guys have fun I am out” he grabbed 
the girls hand that had been all over him and went out the bus doors.

“Yea, I am thinking the less information I have the better” commented Sam and the girl who had 
been cooing at him all night following close on his heels off the bus.

“You’re drunk” I said.

“No I’m not and you know it” she replied.

“So what Devi you saying you want a threesome?”

“I wouldn’t turn down the experience, but I would never do anything without you, so I guess 
that’s one experience I will just keep in my imagination.”

I glanced over at X to see him watching us, the girl in his lap ignored, I could tell he was in if I 
gave him the ok, and it’s not like we hadn’t shared before.  Only this wasn’t some groupie, this 
was my Devi, I looked back over at Devi and she had a wistful look on her face, damn we were 
going to do this.  I looked back over at X and met his eyes giving him a slight nod, he pushed 
the girl off his lap and led her off the bus, but I knew he would be back shortly.

I turned her head towards me and rubbed my finger across her bottom lip “you’ve really 
imagined yourself having a threesome?” I asked.

“Well, yea, I mean the thought is hot as hell but never thought it would happen so never really 
talked about it.”

I nodded “would you want to do it?” I asked her quietly and her eyes turned huge.

“You’re serious?”

I nodded “yea if this is something you want to try, we can try it this once, but never again.”


“X and I have done this before, I know he will keep it quiet and I trust him” I murmured still 
brushing my thumb over her lower lip.

She smiled and it lit up her entire face “X is hot” she muttered.

I reached around and started tickling her “X is what?” I asked over her squealing laugh.

“Not as hot as you Seth” she gasped out.

I stopped tickling her and trapped her face between my hands “that’s what I thought” I 
murmured before kissing her hard, thrusting my tongue between her lips and our tongues 
tangled but we were broken apart too quickly by someone clearing their throat.

I broke the kiss and pressed my forehead against hers and glanced over at X who was giving 
me a look asking if we were on, I nodded my head and spun Devi around on my lap and stood.  
She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and began kissing and 
licking the column of my throat up to my ear where she began sucking on the lobe, I quickly 
headed towards the large room with the big bed at the back of the bus.


I glanced over Seth’s shoulder at Xavier, damn he is hot, and his dark auburn hair set off his 
pale skin and dark emerald eyes perfectly.  He was shorter than Seth but just as built, I knew 
this from seeing him without a shirt on, on more than one occasion.  He had tats covering his 
arms and one above his chest that he never explained to people but we knew and understood its meaning.  Like Seth he had both nipples pierced, along with various other body parts but he 
would never fess up if he had anything pierced below the belt, guess I was finally about to find 

I was jolted out of my reverie of X by Seth clearing his throat and slapping my ass, huh guess I 
was busted.

“Ok I have one rule, other than this is a one off, Xavier no kissing Devi on the mouth, Devi no 
kissing Xavier on the mouth” he said.

I nodded my understanding starting to feel a little nervous about this for the first time since it 
was brought up, but this was something I had dreamed about, well not necessarily with Xavier 
but a threesome with Seth involved.  I took a deep breath this was something I wanted with
two people I had known and loved for a long time, loved them in different ways of course, and I 
knew they would never hurt me or let me be hurt.  Seth let go of my ass and I unwrapped myself 
from around him and let my feet dangle since my feet didn’t touch the ground with my arms still 

wrapped around his neck.  I let go and my feet landed with a thump causing Xavier to chuckle, I 
looked over and glared, it wasn’t my fault they were all so tall.

“You ok baby?” Seth asked me quietly.

I took a deep breath and nodded “yea I am good.”

“You sure?” asked X.

I looked over at him and blushed then nodded, I have no idea why I blushed when I looked at 
X, maybe because he would be seeing me naked for the first time ever shortly, and he was one 
of my best friends.  Oh well, might as well get it over quickly I though and reached down and 
pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me in only a deep purple lace bra, and short school girl 
skirt I had worn for the concert.  I glanced up at Seth and smiled at the way his eyes darkened 
with lust when he looked at me, I looked over at X and saw that he was flexing his hands and a 
look of hunger on his face, yea I could do this.  

I reached down and unzipped my knee high boots slowly letting them get a good look at my 
cleavage I knew was spilling out of my bra.  I pulled the boots off then stood up and reached 
around unzipping my skirt letting it fall to the ground.  I now stood in nothing by my thigh high 
stockings, garter belt, thong panties and bra, I glanced up and nearly laughed out loud at their 
faces.  Both of them were looking at me like I was a goddess and I had to check both of them 
for drool, I gave them my most angelic smile and turned around heading towards the bed not 
that the room had a lot of space.  

It was like that was the signal they were both waiting for, by the time I turned around on the bed 
they were both stalking towards me while removing their shirts and shoes.  I gulped, the amount 
of tattooed skin and hard muscles heading my way caused my mouth to go dry, I don’t know 
what I had done in a past life but whatever it was I had been a very good girl.  By the time they made it to the bed I was wet, and ready, X grabbed my ankles and drug me down the bed while 
Seth climbed on the bed beside me and took my mouth roughly with a savage kiss causing me 

to moan.  My legs were spread apart and a tongue swiped the bear skin of my inner thigh up 
towards my very wet and needy pussy, then stopped and went back down my thigh, I nearly 
screamed but the tongue in my mouth stopped me.  

Seth broke the kiss and gave me a loving look then swooped down and drew my hard nipple 
into his mouth biting down through my bra then soothing it with his tongue and my back bowed 
off the bed, then I felt a finger enter my pussy and a mouth latch on to my clit and I screamed.
At that point I no longer knew who’s mouth was whose, which set of hands were where I 
only knew that they were both extremely talented and I was going to come soon.  Someone 
swirled their tongue around my clit while fingering my g-spot perfectly while another mouth was 
sucking and nibbling on my very sensitive nipples.  Then hands reached behind my back and 
my bra was removed and teeth started tugging on my nipple rings with just the right amount of 

pressure, and cool air hit my heated skin and the mouth was back licking and sucking on my clit. 
It didn’t take long before I grabbed the hair of the head at my chest and I gave in screaming to 
the orgasm that had been rushing at me since they had begun.  The person who was between 
my thighs kept it going wave after wave of perfection until I couldn’t take it anymore and I 
untangled my fingers from the hair and reached down to push him away from my sensitive clit.

I melted into the mattress trying to get my breath back when I opened my eyes I found X 
sucking my fluids off his fingers smirking at me, and Seth staring down at me looking very 
smug.  They had every right to be full of themselves at this point, that was by far one of the best 
orgasms of my life.

“You ok Devi?” asked X.

I could only manage a small nod and a thumbs up which caused both of them to laugh. 

“Oh we’re not done yet baby” murmured Seth.

I looked up at him and smiled, I did love this man more than he would ever know, and he was 
doing this for me.  I reached up and ran my fingers across his cheek and he leaned into the 
caress and closed his eyes.

“Love you” I whispered.

“Love you too baby” he whispered back and gently kissed my lips.

He stood up and both X and he lost their pants and I nearly past out, how the fuck was I going 
to fit both of them into my body, neither of them were what you would call small, but damn it I 
was going to do it.  X was a little longer than Seth, but Seth was thicker. I noticed that both were 
pierced, I of course knew about Seth’s piercings but X’s were new to me.  I couldn’t believe he 
had both a pa and an APA, but damn was I looking forward to trying them out.  Though I had 
a suspicion I would prefer Seth’s pa and Jacob’s ladder more.  Seth laid back down beside me and started rifling through a drawer near the bed and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube 
and tossed them to Xavier.

“She’s ok with anal?”asked X eyeing me warily.

Seth laughed and nodded “yea she’s fine” he said looking over at me and smirking.

I blushed under his knowing eyes, we both know that we had most defiantly done that and 

He leaned back and pulled me over him so that I was straddling his hips, I reached down and 
took his hard cock in my hands running my fingers over him brushing the sensitive skin around 
the piercings causing him to gasp and close his eyes.  I smiled, I knew exactly what he liked and 
how he liked it, I brought him to my very wet very wanting pussy and slowly began to sink down. 
I closed my eyes when I reached the first bar and moaned with the barbell slipped in followed by 
the next then the next until I was sitting fully on him.  I loved having him in me like this, deep and 

stretching me, it felt like heaven.


When she fully enclosed my dick I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, she was so tight, hot 
and wet and I didn’t know if I would last long enough for X to get into her body.  I still couldn’t 
fully believe we were doing this, but I trusted X, and I knew out of everyone he was the only 
person I would ever do this with, Devi meant too much to me to take chances.  I felt her jolt and 
looked over her shoulder and saw X had just put cold lube on sensitive skin and had to bite my 
lip to keep from laughing.  I leaned back and looked up at her beautiful face, her eyes closed 

tight concentrating.  I reached up and ran my fingers through her short hair and she opened her 
blue eyes and stared down at me and smiled.

“Love you” I murmured.

“Love you too” she replied quietly.

She shuddered slightly and my eyes rolled back in my head when her pussy gripped me, I 
reopened my eyes and watched her face, making sure there was no pain.

“You ok?” 

She nodded her head while biting down on her lip “it’s no different than when we use toys baby” 
I told her trying to reassure her.

“I know” she responded.

I looked back over her shoulder at X and saw him concentrating on stretching her out, 
occasionally running his fingers down her spine reassuring her.

After a few minutes X looked down at me and nodded, I reached down and put one hand on her 
hip the other I slipped between her lower lips and began playing with her clit.  She moaned and 
I nodded up at X I felt her tighten slightly so I added a little more pressure on her clit and she 
slowly relaxed letting Xavier slowly slide into her body.  She was so much tighter with both of us 
filling her tiny body, and I had to fight the need to move, we sat there waiting for her to give us a 
signal that she was ready.  When she finally did I could have cried with relief, X slowly pulled out 

and then I guided her up my cock with the hand on her hip, and X slid back in.  She moaned low 
in her throat, and I knew that sign, she was lots in bliss.  

We picked up our pace and one exiting her body as the other entered over and over, she felt 
amazing, and looked gorgeous with her head thrown back moaning and sometimes clawing my 
chest in pleasure.  I felt her muscles begin to ripple around me and knew she was close to her 
own explosive orgasm, X and I switched things up at that point.  We both began to surge up into 
her body at the same time, causing her to scream out in ecstasy.  I reached down and played 
with her clit, hoping I could get her to cum before I did.  

After a few more thrusts she threw her head back and screamed, tightening around me like a 
vice, I thrust once twice more before I couldn’t hold back and my own orgasm rolled through me 
like lightning.  I heard X call out at the same time and knew he was finding his own release, Devi 
slumped down on my chest still convulsing with aftershocks.  I ran my hands down her spine, 
trying to help her come down while I was still panting for my own breath.  I felt her shudder 
again and looked up and saw that X was gently pulling out of her body.  He looked down at me 
and grinned then removed the condom, grabbed his clothes and headed out of the room closing 

the door quietly.  I wrapped both arms around Devi and turned us to our side, causing my 
softening cock to slip from her body.  I held her tightly and let her slumber quietly, until I finally 
forced myself to get up so I could clean her up.

I went out the door and looked around the now quiet bus, I knew everyone would be back soon 
so we could head to our next destination, so I quickly went to the bathroom and wet a washcloth 
with warm water and headed back to the bedroom.  After I had gently cleaned her up I tossed 
the washcloth towards the door and climbed back in bed with a still sleeping Devi wrapped 
around her and went to sleep.


I woke up with a sleepy looking Seth staring at me, running his fingers through my hair, I smiled 
at him then leaned in and kissed his very kissable looking lips.  It was a slow lazy kiss, which 
quickly turned into more.  After slow, languid love making we finally made our way to getting 
dressed and the smell of much needed coffee.  I shuffled in to the galley like kitchen that was 
across from the U shaped bench and table we had sat at last night taking shots of tequila.  All 
the guys were sitting there, and when I looked up at X and saw his eyes on me I blushed, he 
winked at me then went back to talking to Eli.  After that everything went back to normal, Seth 

and I stealing touches and kisses when possible, and the guys harassing us for our PDA.  We spent our time on the bus listening to music, playing video games and just picking on one 
another, it was a lot of fun.

I got to see the guys show once more before it was time for me to leave and go back to reality 
tattooing and taking care of Jaks.  Neither Seth nor I were ready for me to leave, but we both 
knew there wasn’t a choice in the matter.  After a teary good bye I was back on a plane heading 
towards Dallas.

Okay when Brei offerred to write something for her day she specifically asked if I wanted it "HOT" and I said oh HELL YES!! Well, I got the "HOT" I was looking for and Xavier in the story was the icing on the cake!! Yes, I'm obsessed with Xavier :) I loved the shorty story and I sure hope you did too! 

Here's my interview with Brei :

~ What inspired you to write your first book?  My son, it was something I had always wanted to do, and I couldn’t tell him to follow his dreams if I never did the same.

~ Where did you come up with the idea for My Misery Muse?  Not really sure, the idea just kind of came to me, and from there it evolved into a novel.

~ Is there any "truth" to in your books, for example, have you met a Rock Star that became your muse for the story or do you have a muse?  I’ve met and know quite a few musicians, even met some that turned into rock stars later, but not one particular one was my muse, it was more a combination of all of them.

~ Can you share what you might have in the works at this time? Just finished sending Faith the sequel to My Misery Muse to the editor, and I am now working on two projects.  One is a novella for My Misery Muse and the second is a standalone novel named Painted Lines.

~ What types of music do you like to listen to?  Pretty much anything that isn’t country or rap.

~ Name 3 of your favorite Bands  Chevelle, T-Rex, and Jeff Buckley

~ Do you create a playlist while your working on your books? Yes, I have play lists for all my projects and I am constantly adding to them.

~ Name one Rocker you wouldn't mind meeting in person or have met in person  I would of loved the chance to meet Marc Bolan in person, also wouldn't mind meeting David Bowie

As you can see Brei is currently working on two other projects that I CAN'T  wait to read! Here's the links to connect with Brei: 

Blog site:




Link to purchase My Misery Muse:

Now for the GIVEAWAY if you haven't read My Misery Muse please comment about what your favorite part of the blog post was and your EMAIL address and I will be giving 5 e-copies, Kindle, of My Misery Muse away! Winners will be chosen on February 21, 2013! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  2. My favorite part of your review, besides the the pictures - Seth, what can I say, sexy bassist, tattooed and pierced - oh boy is he pierced. My husband wasn't keen on my request for certain piercings so I have to live vicarously through my book friends like Devi and fantisize about Seth.
    I loved the review and interview, it seems you and I like the same types of books. The only difference is, I do like spoilers, I'm a brat like that... I am definately going to read this one, so pick me so I can start reading it already......LOL My email is

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      You are one of the winners of My Misery Muse by Brei Betzold. I need your email address so that I can send you a Kindle e-copy.

      Thank you,

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      You have won a copy of My Misery Muse by Brei Betzold. I need your e-mail address so I can send you a Kindel e-copy!


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