Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Embrace the Moment Cover Reveal

by Andrea Michelle


Release Date= May 2, 2014
Torn apart by a tragedy, pushed together by fate. Nothing is coincidence.

Riley and Josh have been through it all together, first as best friends and now as a couple.

Faced with a decision that will test their relationship, these two learn to fight harder than ever before to keep their hearts intact. Once the decision is made, there is no going back. With the past creeping into their present, and miles between them, they learn nothing is easy. Every moment matters.

Can Riley and Josh survive the first year of college apart? Will their love remain strong enough to embrace every moment that belongs to them? Or will someone from the past interfere, take what he wants and ruin them forever?

"For each star in the sky, I have a reason why I love you. When you look up at night, never forget this truth." ~Josh Parker

Warning: Not recommended for anyone under the age of 17 due to underage drinking, sexual content and adult language.

***This is book two in a series and is not a standalone.***
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Those of you who have followed me since I started blogging back in November of 2012, yes I was with another blog or two, or if you are a friend of mine on Facebook knows of my OBSESSION with anything related to rock stars, music or musician romance reads. I search for these daily on Amazon! When I came across the sign-up for the cover reveal of this one I about FLIPPED! I knew I found another series that I just HAD to read!
Now, if you are like me and haven't had an opportunity to read the first book in the series Escape the Doubt (Shifting #1) you will obviously need to do so prior to reading Embrace the Moment (Shifting #2).  Here's the links to check out Escape the Doubt:
~ About the Author ~

Michelle was born and raised in Louisiana. She spent years in Tennessee, and in Texas, and has made it full circle back to the boot she loves so much. She currently lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She is a mother to three beautiful daughters, and married her best friend at the young age of nineteen. She is a Coming ­of ­age, YA/NA Romance author with a debut, Escape the Doubt, available now. She is a dreamer, a true Gemini at heart and has a fascination with love stories. She finds inspirations in all things (friends beware) and loves poetry and music. Her writing journey began as a young teen where she used to escape into a world of fiction and poetry just to cope with emotions she didn't understand. Shhh... she has a secret. > She wasn't an avid reader until her adult years. Once she realized she loved this escape, her addiction to the one clicker became an obsession that cannot be tamed. It's an issue... she is a one-­click­aholic and has no intention of kicking this habit. She is not genre specific as a reader and will read anything and everything. She will not be genre specific as a writer, either. So expect to see her outside the box, too. She is excited yet nervous to share her passion with you, but looks forward to the journey ahead. She loves to hear from her readers and encourages those connections. Links below so you can friend her, like her, follow and support her. 

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