Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm so excited to begin a new chapter in my blogger life! I'm so looking forward to discussing the many books I've read or about to read or even while I'm reading them. I'm a very avid reader and it is my passion which I find is true among most blogger's and followers alike. I wanted to create a place where I actually interact with my followers and look forward to your recommendations because there will be times I come to you to assist me with my next read. I would love for my followers to alert me to awesome reads they have found, you know the ones the proverbial needle in a haystack, hidden gem, the ones you just stumble upon and when you finish you are thanking your lucky stars you took a chance on it, well my friends I want to know about those! I have found so many awesome reads from just luck of the draw something drew my eye and I chose it!

I will post my reviews of the books I've read. I have this nasty addiction to the one-click button, I guess in someways I should thank B&N for not making that easy for me when I'm reading on my Nook but alas you will also find my Kindle in my hand too! I simply adore both!

I will showcase indie authors I absolutely adore along with upcoming news, current and past books and time to time interviews with said authors. I also hope that I stumble upon those upcoming authors who are starting out and have a story line that makes me want the book that very minute! I fully support indie authors I cannot tell you how many trips, journey's and mental vacations I have taken because of them and for that I thank them immensely for turning their dream into reality for all of us!

Giveaways, you like those? Oh we will have those and we will have fun with them when we do. I will host and/or participate in a blog tour a time or two but main focus is meeting new friends who share my love of reading and get that tingly feeling where you just want to talk about what you just read but those around you have not a clue what your talking about! 

So, as I begin this new journey hopefully with a bunch a new friends I have a little something that might interest you 

I'm thinking a paperback of Beautiful Disaster will be my first giveaway!

Happy Reading,

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